Driving Mobile Gaming Trends: David/Yaoqi Guo and ‘Evony'”

Citing Statista, strategy games command a 17.17% share of iOS gaming revenue, with the total U.S. mobile gaming revenue topping $43 billion. Projections show user engagement possibly reaching 28.5% by 2025, highlighting the strategic focus on mobile gaming due to the genre’s lucrative returns and growth potential. Evony: The King’s Return has become a fan favorite in strategy gaming. Developed by Top Games Inc., whose CEO David Guo is an exceptional software development genius and a graduate of Sun Yat-sen University with a major in Physics, Evony performed exceptionally well in 2022-2023, significantly contributing to the overall revenue of the U.S. strategy game market.

David Guo, also known as Yaoqi Guo, is a great leader at Top Games Inc. He has been pivotal in driving innovative games and gaining a profound understanding of market trends and consumer preferences within the gaming industry. He led the team that produced the flagship game, “Evony: The King’s Return,” which has become a fan favorite in strategy gaming.

“We identify market opportunities to provide distinct value by prioritizing innovative gameplay, narrative, and technology integration. Each project must align with our mission of enhancing user enjoyment and fostering community building. We adopt a lean approach, rapidly developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and testing it in targeted markets that reflect global demographics. This method allows us to innovate responsibly and learn from each project, ensuring our team understands that failure is part of the growth process and not a catastrophe,” David Guo said.

The team thinks “Evony” has stayed popular since its 2016 launch because Top Games Inc. constantly innovates and offers varied gaming experiences. Players enjoy a rich, interactive world. They can choose from seven civilizations, each with unique buildings. The game connects a global community with an auto-translation feature that removes language barriers.

Player Review

Sarah Thompson

“The Evony team constantly updates the game with great graphics, new competitions, generals, monsters, and castles. The storylines are engaging. I’ve been playing for about two years now and still play because of the incredible friendships I’ve built with people from all over the world.”

Michael Anderson

“This is a pretty decent war-based strategy game. I played this game for months, and it literally took over my life. People on the servers, for the most part, were fun and supportive. I had some wonderful times.”

Keeps the excitement alive

“Evony” keeps the excitement alive with weekly events. For instance, in the Limited Recruit Event, players can select one of the following Historic Generals: Amr ibn al-As, Suchet, Sweyn Forkbeard, Oleg of Novgorod, Napoleon, or Soult. By participating in limited recruiting, players have a chance to gain fragments of their chosen General.

Players can switch their favorite General at any point during the event. To recruit, players can use 1 Recruitment Order for a single recruit or 10 Recruitment Orders for a bulk recruit of 10. Each day, players can purchase up to 10 Recruitment Orders from the Store, or they can get a large number of Recruitment Orders through the Limited Recruitment Order Package.

A good game requires a team to constantly “design new ideas” and turn those ideas into playable game mechanics. Innovation is a “buzzword” often mentioned by every game development company. However, few independent developers truly achieve innovation. Most of them “borrow” good mechanics from other games and use them in their own designs. This approach seems “convenient” on the surface, saving a lot of time. But in the long run, it does not make for an excellent game creator.

A good game creator needs to innovate and find games that match their company’s commercial DNA. This helps them stand out among competitors. Take TGI’s game “Evony: The King’s Return” as an example. It has stood strong for over eight years and has been downloaded over 200 million times, generating more than $355 million in annual revenue. In the independent game sector, its performance is impressive. It is a successful mobile strategy game.

Under David Guo’s strict goal-oriented leadership, every member of the company knows what they are doing at each stage and stays aligned with the company’s goals. This not only improves efficiency but also emphasizes team collaboration and brainstorming. They continually enhance innovative gameplay mechanics in game development.

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