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uCool, Inc. is a US based independent video game developer founded in 2012.

Heroes Charge
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About uCool

uCool is the most known for creating the popular game Tynon, a free-to-play hybrid style game. They have also developed Tynon, Heroes Charge, Heroes Arena, and War and Wit, all available online and played by millions of players worldwide.

Responsibility & Respect

uCool is committed to creating an environment based on responsibility and mutual respect to encourage creativity and achievement. uCool is actively dedicated to nurturing the team’s creativity, agility, and continuous growth, allowing them to develop unique and engaging gameplay, characterizing their products in a competitive market.

By prioritizing responsiveness, developers can quickly adapt to player feedback, market trends, and technological advancements, ensuring their games remain relevant and enjoyable. Promoting a culture of self-improvement through continuous learning, performance evaluations, and innovation incentives ensures that team members constantly evolve, contributing to higher quality games. Together, these attributes create a dynamic, innovative, and resilient environment that drives success and industry leadership.

uCool sets its goals and expectations with a realistic approach while simultaneously pursuing these objectives with unwavering determination and aggression. At uCool, they balance careful planning with bold execution, ensuring that their vision is both achievable and ambitiously pursued.

Heroes Charge
Action RPG multiplayer online

Heroes Charge, launched in 2015, allows players to collect and train heroes, gather teammates, strengthen heroes and wipe out the enemy in thrilling, addictive and fast-paced games.

War and Wit
Fantasy Epic 3D Card Puzzle Game

Embark on an adventure with legendary heroes, solving various puzzles to earn rewards. Summon mythic heroes to challenge the dragon and save the world on a legendary continent.

Heroes Arena
Global 5v5 Mobile Game

Fast-paced: fair, and fun multiplayer battles designed for mobile devices.
Fair eSports Focus: Ensures a competitive and enjoyable experience without lag.
Multiple PVP Modes: Includes 1v1, 3v3, 5v5, and other multiplayer battle modes.
Ranked Matches: Players can climb the rankings to earn glory and prizes.

What the people say

Social Games

“”Tynon is an impressive game”​

Inside Social Games

Game Industry News

“Could very well become the king of casual online games.”​

Game Industry News

Darian Valor profile

“To be honest this game is really good. The map is so unique and beautiful.”​

Darian Valor

Orin Thaddeus profile

“So I’ve had this game for years on many different devices and accounts and I can’t tell u how much I just love this game”​

Orin Thaddeus


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