Focus on uCool and Top Games: Analyzing the Key Factors for Success

For most independent game developers, just surviving is considered lucky. Creating a successful game that players love is the dream for many who want to enter the game development field. The ultimate goal is to profit from their games. With the rise and advancement of new technologies like AI, machine learning, and neural networks, the barriers to entry in game development have lowered. Game engines are standardized, tools for making games are universal, and resources are readily available. As a result, games have become more similar, making innovation the core competitive edge. Today, we explore two independent developers, uCool and Top Games, Inc., and analyze the common features that enable them to develop successful games.


uCool: From Browser Games to Mobile Games

Founded in 2012, uCool is a US-based game development studio that focuses on team responsibility and respect, creating an environment driven by team achievements. Initially, they created the browser game Tynon, a strategic action RPG where players help elite knight Rosaline rescue the King from an evil wizard and protect the thirteen kingdoms from dark magic. Players can use social networks to cooperate, build, upgrade, and customize their cities within the game.

The game received media praise:

  • Inside Social Games: “Tynon is an impressive game.”
  • MMO Game Central: “One of the most approachable browser-based games currently available.”
  • Game Industry News: “Could very well become the king of casual online games.”

As the mobile game market grew, the studio shifted its focus to mobile games, developing the action and strategy game Heroes Charge. In this game, players collect and train heroes, form teams, and participate in fast-paced battles. The game includes new heroes, the Ancient Temple exploration, and the Soul Shop for rare items, with over 100 quests available. It also features guild enhancements like a group mail function and an improved Team Level Cap System. Over the years, the company has achieved over 100 million downloads.

Top Games: Evony Reaches Over 200 Million Downloads

Top Games was founded in 2015 by co-founders David Guo (CEO) and Benjamin Gifford (VP). They aim to create high-quality games and align each team member’s goals with the company’s overall mission. Using data science for decision-making, OKR for team management, and MVP for quick project iteration, they integrate a multidisciplinary elite team to develop various types of mobile games.

Released in 2016, Evony TKR gained massive exposure by advertising during the Super Bowl. This traditional marketing approach boosted brand awareness and improved its ranking in app stores. The game is a real-time strategy game set in the medieval era, featuring seven civilizations. Its deep strategic gameplay offers players a challenging experience, with many commenting that mastering the game requires significant learning, enhancing player engagement. One of the game’s most successful design elements is the alliance system, which allows players worldwide to build friendships and connections.

Common Factors for Success

uCool and Top Games share common traits that contribute to their success. They adapt to market changes, early on shifting focus to mobile games to gain more experience and reach a wider audience. They also emphasize player feedback and game adjustments.

Players Are the Key to Game Success

No matter how good a game is, if players don’t like it, it’s a failure. Game developers must start by researching what their audience likes and constantly pay attention to user feedback. Negative reviews aren’t scary; what’s scary is developers not caring and not making changes. uCool and Top Games embed user experience into their company’s core and team execution, setting clear goals—something few other indie developers achieve.

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