Top Games, Inc.

Found in 2015, TGI has rapidly become a prominent name in the global gaming market. Headquartered in the United States, TGI has carved out a niche as a leading developer and publisher of online and mobile games.

“Design, Build, and Break”

TGI’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its organizational culture. The company operates in a lean, open, and flat structure, promoting open communication and collaboration.

TGI’s approach to game development is characterized by rapid iteration and player-centric design. Under the leadership of CEO David Guo and Vice President Benjamin Gifford, the company emphasizes continuous improvement, innovation, and community building.

The “design, build, and break” philosophy enables TGI to quickly adapt to market trends and player feedback, ensuring that their games remain fresh and engaging.

One of the unique aspects of TGI’s strategy is their cross-genre approach. By integrating puzzle elements into Evony, for example, TGI has attracted a broader audience, enhancing player retention and community diversity. This innovative spirit extends to other games in their portfolio, such as “Dream Journey Makeover,” a match-3 fashion game.


Meet Talented Team

The company’s co-founder and CEO is David Guo, also known as Yaoqi Guo. He graduated from Sun Yat-sen University and specializes in software development, project management, corporate strategy analysis, and new project expansion. VP Benjamin Gifford is mainly responsible for corporate compliance and marketing strategy. Together, these executives drive the TGI team to develop more engaging and high-quality game products for players worldwide.


David Guo



Benjamin Gifford


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