Yaoqi Guo: Beyond Evony – Exploring New Game Frontiers

Yaoqi Guo, also known as David Guo, is a big name in mobile gaming. As the Co-founder and CEO of Top Games Inc., he oversees all major departments to ensure everything runs smoothly. With a 25-year career in software and game development, network security, user experience, game theory, and API design, Yaoqi Guo brings a lot to the table. He believes games are more than just entertainment; they are a lifestyle. This belief drives Top Games Inc.’s success.

Evony Is A Magic strategy Game

The strategy genre of mobile games tends to appeal to specific players who enjoy solving puzzles, adventures, and challenges. The feeling of victory after strategizing with a team can be extremely satisfying. Strategy games are also popular among many game genres and have many competitors. Evony, a successful strategy war game, features a medieval architectural style background, 7 optional civilizations, a ranking mechanism, an alliance system, and complex and interesting exploratory features that will keep players “on their toes,” especially the most experienced ones. The popularity of this game is evident in the fact that most experienced players spend a lot of time on it, in addition to their work.

The Evony team releases different types of fun events every week to keep the community active. For example, the recent event is the Cultural Subordinate City Event – Vietnam Famous City. This round of the Cultural Subordinate City event consists of 5 continents!

Participate in the event to earn Cultural Subordinate City Clues by ranking in a certain place in World Boss and purchasing basic Gems. Players will be ranked in their own continent based on the amount of Cultural Subordinate City Clues they obtain. The ranking and Cultural Subordinate City Clues reset daily, and players can receive Cultural Subordinate City Cameos based on their rankings.

Yaoqi Guo: We Are Exploring other game types to Cover Market

Evony is the flagship product, but Yaoqi Guo is exploring other game types to meet market demands. He aims to create a balanced mix of games for both hardcore and casual gamers across different genres. This strategy helps attract new players and keep current fans engaged.

“While gaming is our main focus, we’re also looking into new areas like blockchain-based gaming and wearables,” Yaoqi Guo said. “Our projects use the latest technologies to create immersive experiences, aiming to set new industry standards and captivate a global audience.”

Founded in 2015, Top Games Inc. (TGI) is a leading independent game developer and publisher. Known for its engaging games, TGI has popular titles like “Evony: The King’s Return,” “Salon Superstars,” “Mafia Origin,” “Alliance of Glory,” “Kings Legion,” and “Infinity Clan.” With over 200 million players in more than 150 countries, TGI’s games are translated into over 25 languages, showing a commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.


“We identify market opportunities to provide distinct value, prioritizing innovative gameplay, narrative and technology integration. Each project must resonate with our mission of enhancing user enjoyment and community building. We adopt a lean approach, rapidly developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and testing it in specific markets,” Yaoqi Guo explained.

Independent market analysis by App Annie ranks Top Games Inc. as the highest-grossing digital app and game publisher in over 20 countries. This success is due to Yaoqi Guo’s unique ability to provide quick responses to player commands, crucial for an immersive gaming experience. The graphics and gameplay are top-notch, offering players a visually stunning environment. The variety of game options also caters to a wide range of preferences, boosting the company’s popularity.

Looking ahead, Yaoqi Guo is excited about the innovative features and options that Top Games Inc. will bring to its new games. His dedication to enhancing user experience and staying ahead of gaming trends positions the company as a leader in the industry.

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